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How steel safety barriers and rails safeguard your business


Every warehouse needs to install steel barriers and safety rails and here’s why – accidents happen. Unfortunately, when they occur in the workplace, they become particularly costly – in terms of employee and public health, stock and fleet damage, compensation payments, and productivity losses. But planning ahead, undertaking comprehensive risk assessments and delineating risk zones is the key to avoid OH&S problems as much as possible.


Protect your people

No one should be at risk at work and, while the odd slip happens in every warehouse environment, minimising potentially damaging accidents with all the measures you have at your disposal is vital to a happy, healthy, more productive workplace. A traffic management plan should always be incorporated.


In tandem with general safety training, safety barriers can increase employee awareness of the potential risks they face throughout the work day – whether it’s an active forklift, wet floor, unloading trucks or other hazards. Fatigued or stressed workers are renowned for overlooking the sound of a reversing forklift or alarm, especially towards the end of a busy workday – and that temporary slip in judgement can mean the difference between them going home safe and sound and a tragedy.


Steel barriers provide a physical reminder of any possible dangers – over time workers will get into the habit of avoiding high-risk areas, giving you greater peace of mind that you're doing as much as possible to forestall an accident – large or small.


Safeguard the public

Safety rails are also crucial if you regularly have visitors walking through your warehouse who may not be as mindful of risk zones. Barriers provide a visual cue for people to check their surroundings and make sure they remain out of harm’s way.


If an accident does occur – say a forklift backs into a safety rail just as pedestrians unwittingly wander by – the rail will significantly decrease the risk of injury and protect the vehicle from costly damage as well.


Guard your investment

If you have expensive stock on the floor or extensive racking, a steel barrier also works to protect your investment. Unexpected collisions can happen in an instant – all it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration by a vehicle’s driver and your goods are toast.


Using steel barriers to demarcate designated heavy equipment and moving machinery zones clearly will ensure fewer fender-benders and equipment downtime due to impact damage. They can also safeguard structures such as bathrooms, desks and tech equipment from accidental knocks, meaning fewer replacements and repairs eating into your profits.


Make barriers an integral part of your Health and Safety Policies

In Australia, periodic assessments for workplace health and safety are part of doing business. Without the proper procedures, protocol and implementation, you could face a substantial fine. It's just not worth risking your people, business, profits, and productivity – steel barriers and safety rails are an easy way to ensure your health and safety policies are adhered to when it comes to navigating the warehouse floor.


Avoid the downtime, costs, and injury caused by warehouse accidents. Steel barriers and safety rails benefit your people and your bottom line – they just make better business sense. Ask us to find the right fit for your company today. Call now – we’re here to help!