Mar 2023

How to Avoid Forklift Accidents

Modern warehouses would struggle to operate without the use of the forklift. Forklifts are essential for lifting, moving and transporting heavy loads efficiently. However, they can pose a danger to employees and stock if not used properly. 

Forklift accidents can even be fatal. Hence, forklift safety is of paramount importance. A multifaceted approach of training, warehouse design, and the use of safety tools is necessary to insure accidents are kept to a minimum.


The Dangers of Forklifts

Whilst they typically move slower than cars, forklifts are highly powered and can cause destruction of property, injury and even death if they are not operated in a safe environment. 

Common types of accidents involving forklifts include crashes into pedestrians, vehicles or stock, falls from elevated positions, and crushing by the forklift’s load. The rate and danger of forklift accidents is increased by inadequate training, poor maintenance and a badly designed workplace.

Safety Tools 

The implementation of safety tools can go a long way in preventing forklift accidents. There are several tools available, each with their own designated purpose, working best when used in conjunction with one another.

Line Marking

Line marking is a simple and effective way to create a safer working environment. Eye-catching lines are marked out on the floor, allowing you to designate specific routes and parking areas for forklifts. Line marking can also be used in conjunction with signage to divide a warehouse into exclusive vehicle and pedestrian zones. 


Safety Barriers

Line marking provides a guide, whereas safety barriers provide a physical barrier. These barriers are made from heavy-duty material, such as steel or concrete, and are specifically designed to withstand collisions with forklifts. If you like the idea of line marking, but want something more safe, safety barriers are a great choice.


Bollards are heavy-duty vertical posts that can be positioned in specific areas to prevent forklifts from crashing into things or accessing pedestrian areas. Unlike a safety barrier, bollards can be placed in isolation, so if there is a specific area that must be protected from collisions, then bollards are a great choice. 


Warehouse Safety Solutions

For any warehouse owner, safety needs to be a number one priority, and this is all the more important if forklifts are being utilised. To prevent and reduce the intensity of accidents, it is essential that any operators are properly trained, that forklifts are properly maintained, and that safety tools such as bollards, safety barriers and line marking are installed where relevant. 

At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we’re dedicated to improving the safety of warehouses everywhere. We offer a wide range of different safety barriers, bollards, line marking and more. Whether you want to make a new safety addition, or are unsure where to start, we’d love to be your safety solution today. Get in touch with our friendly team


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