Sep 2021

How to Optimise Space in Your Warehouse

If your business has grown significantly and you’re finding yourself with no space for new inventory most would think it’s time to upgrade to a bigger and better warehouse. This option can cost a lot of money for a business, especially when there are other more affordable ways to create more space. Mezzanine floors Sydney wide are being installed as a way to avoid the high costs associated with moving to larger warehouses. 

Today we’ll be going over some simple and affordable ways for you to create more precious space in your warehouse. 

Install a Mezzanine Floor

One of the simplest and most effective ways to optimise your warehouse and provide more space is to install a mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors are freestanding structures that create a second floor within your warehouse space. These raised floors can significantly increase your storage space without having to move or sacrifice another area of your warehouse. Because they’re free standing they can easily be raised and removed when needed without interfering with the layout of your warehouse.

Make Use of Pallet Racking

Pallet racking has always been an efficient way to organise and increase your storage space, proving time and time again how successfully it can benefit your business. Pallet racking is a storage system where materials are placed on pallets and then stored on horizontal rows with multiple levels. While this seems simple enough, there are a few different types of systems to choose from. 

Selective pallet racking is the most basic form, it constructs racks in aisles throughout your warehouse. Pallets are then placed across these racks one pallet deep, so you have easy access to every single pallet in your storage system. 

Double deep pallet racking is very similar to selective racking. The only difference between these is that double deep pallet systems are stored two deep. This means that in order to access the back row of pallets the front row needs to be moved. The benefit of using this system means that you won’t need as many aisles in your warehouse. 

Drive-in pallet racking gets rid of aisles all together. Storing your storage pallets in single continuous blocks. When a pallet is needed a forklift is driven into the rack to take out the last box that was placed inside. This method works best in fast moving businesses who are constantly moving stock in and out of their warehouse. 

Think About the Utilisation of Unusual Spaces

Most warehouses and businesses only think about their warehouse's floor in terms of storage, but there is a whole heap of other spaces that can give you that little extra amount of storage you need. A perfect example of this is the space above your dock doors. Building a mezzanine floor or pallet racking system above this area is a perfect way to give your warehouse a little bit of extra space without disrupting the flow of your space. There are lots of other little unused spaces like this that can really change the way you optimise your warehouse space. 

At Ware Safety we offer mezzanine floor services and warehouse storage and safety solutions to ensure your business can continue to thrive both in store and behind the scenes. To learn more, visit our website or contact one of our friendly staff today!