Feb 2023

How to Optimise Warehouse Space and Organisation

As your business grows and your inventory expands, warehouse space and organisation become more and more complicated.
In order for a warehouse to run safely and efficiently, everything must be organised and easily accessible.

At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we know that a disorganised warehouse is a dangerous warehouse. Whether it’s obscured signage, equipment left out, or items stored out of reach, workers are often injured when in a chaotic work environment. Hence, the importance of a properly organised warehouse cannot be overstated.

That’s why we provide services to help you keep your warehouse in order. Whether it’s line marking or the installation of warehouse mezzanine floors, we make it easier for your warehouse to stay organised, efficient and safe. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Efficient Layout and Design

One of the most important aspects of warehouse design is efficiency. Inventory and tools must be arranged in such a way that maximises both space and accessibility. 

Most warehouses begin by incorporating these concepts productively. The difficulty comes with growth. Newly accumulated tools and inventory must find room amongst existing items. This is where many warehouses go wrong, as there is either not enough room to store the items in a practical manner, or not enough time to find them a proper spot.

In order to avoid these mistakes, warehouses must be designed with growth in mind, not just for their current inventory, but for how big that inventory may grow in the future. Additionally, proper time needs to be dedicated to finding and storing new items, rather than rushing this process.


A Clean Workspace

Keeping your warehouse clean and free of clutter is another key factor of warehouse organisation.

Cleaning and decluttering must be a regular affair, as well as checking everything is organised and in its correct space. Every tool or device needs to have a specifically designated storage space, no matter how often it is used.

If tools or items go by months without being touched, question if you need them in the first place.


Mezzanine Floors and Additional Storage

If you find that your warehouse inventory is growing, consider adding additional storage spaces. This could be as simple as installing additional shelving units, or as drastic as installing a mezzanine floor.

It’s often a good idea to go big in this regard and create more space than you currently need, future-proofing your warehouse for your next steps.

Mezzanine floors are a popular choice for warehouses looking to optimise their space and organisation. Installed between the existing floor and ceiling, mezzanines act as a new floor and provide a whole load of new storage space.


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