Apr 2022

How To Stay Safe on Your Mezzanine Floor

As we aim to build upwards, and with every square metre becoming more and more precious, mezzanine floors are fast becoming an effective and efficient solution across a wide range of industry sectors. Before installing them, it’s important for business owners – and their employees – to fully understand mezzanine floor safety in order to avoid the risk of serious injuries. 

At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service when it comes to your mezzanine floor Sydney or Melbourne-wide.  In this blog, we’ll illustrate some helpful tips you and your team ought to take on board to cultivate a high standard of mezzanine floor safety.   

Safe Design

It’s essential to initiate serious considerations and structural assessments of the mezzanine level before it can be declared safe to work on. Certain components should be installed to ensure optimal safety, which include:

  • Handrails along all outside edges of the mezzanine and stairs to offer protection to users and reduce the risk of objects falling off the side.
  • Kickboards on all edges. Similar to handrails, kickboards on all outside edges will lower the chances of objects falling off and offer added protection to those walking on the mezzanine. 
  • Pallet gates allow pallets to be moved on and off an opening on the mezzanine floor. This space should be properly secured with appropriate gates.
  • Adhere to the weight capacity of the mezzanine. After installation, it’s a great idea to display information regarding the platform’s weight capacity. This must be taken into account before installing heavy machinery/equipment and allowing too many people to use the mezzanine.

Safe Access on Mezzanines

It’s important to ensure that the mezzanine, and all areas surrounding the entry points, are kept clean, organised, and well-lit. A mezzanine that is cluttered and poorly lit will increase the likelihood of those working on it to trip and fall on objects that they might not have seen. 

Regular routine inspections on all mezzanine floors and walkways ought to be carried out. This will help ensure that they are clean and free of any obstruction, with light bulbs in good working order. 

Regular Maintenance

In many work environments, mezzanines are often covered by oil, dust or other substances that increase the risk of slips and falls. It is important to remove these risks as early as possible by providing suitable non-slip flooring, safety footwear, and undertake regular cleaning, maintenance, and store items in a stable manner. 

Not only that but it’s also important to carry out safety training and implement a safety policy so that all staff receive proper safety training which covers all aspects of mezzanine safety including trip hazards and spillages. 

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