Feb 2021

Warehouse Safety Barrier Installation – What to Expect

If you’re looking to upgrade your workplace barrier systems as a way to enhance operations and ensure the health and safety of your employees in a warehouse environment, then you’ll be looking at safety barrier installation. Although the process may disrupt the workplace environment, the benefits of safety barriers are worth the temporary inconvenience caused.

Although you might understand the purpose of the installation, you may not be aware of what is involved in the process. Here are some handy tips on what to expect from a safety barrier installation in the warehouse so that you can be prepared.

Get Acquainted With the Project Manager

Any safety barriers set up on the premises will need to be installed by experienced personnel. A specialised team, led by a knowledgeable project manager, will carry out the work making sure that the safety barriers are installed quickly and efficiently. It’s a good idea to get to know your project manager as they’ll be your point of contact, working with you to prevent the installation process from disrupting your workflow too much. They’ll come on-site to thoroughly plan the installation. The project manager will then be there throughout the process to answer any questions you might have regarding the project, as well as make any adjustments necessary when work is underway.

Adjustment Period

As the flow of machinery and foot traffic will undoubtedly be altered by the presence of the new safety barriers, it makes sense that your employees should take the time to adjust to these changes. Following the project, there will be an adjustment period for warehouse flow processes, where you may find that certain procedures need to be updated. You might also have to review the layout of the space so that all personnel know the quickest, safest and most efficient routes for their work. The project manager will take the time to highlight what specific hazards are being prevented by the positioning of the safety barriers.

Workplace Safety Awareness

Once the installation has been completed, your project manager will review the work and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results before signing off on the project. The whole process should be tailored to your workplace and, when finished, ensure the safety of your team working within the warehouse.