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25m AK High Visibility Safety Barrier Reel | WSS Australia

25m AK High Visibility Safety Barrier Reel

25m AK High Visibility Safety Barrier Reel

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The AK Safety Barrier Reel is ideally suited to industrial and commercial situations where a safety barrier is required to keep people from entering an unsafe or restricted area.
The reel can be mounted simply on one wall, the barrier webbing then pulled across and placed onto a hook or bracket on the opposite wall or pillar, then easily and quickly retracted when access is required by trucks or forklifts. A prime use is to restrict people entering roller doors that need to be open for light and airflow however need access denied because of forklift traffic.
It can also be used in areas that need cordoning off for maintenance.

Recommend Applications: Walkways, Gates, Driveways, Pallet Racking Isles, Warehouses

Product Specifications:

  • 25m
  • Webbing available in Yellow, Black and Yellow, White and Red or White and Blue -Swivel action follows through 180o
  • Polypropylene mounting bracket supplied
  • Under constant tension
  • Consider calling Workplace Pedestrian Safety for Installation


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