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Warehouse Safety Barriers Melbourne

Did you know WorkSafe has released a new document called “People and forklifts don’t mix”?


This document contains the expectations for separation of pedestrians and forklifts. The document states that there must be at least 3 meters distance between a pedestrian and forklifts or a suitable permanent physical barrier must be installed and that companies develop a full and written traffic management plan.


Whilst its great to have a 3 meter distance the only problem we see is that there is no Australian standard relevant to pedestrian barriers, this basically means you can put up plastic chain to comply but why put up forklift safety barriers if they're not going to do what they are meant to do? That is to Save lives and personal injuries. WSS believe we have one of the toughest safety barriers in Melbourne and invite you to click the link at the top of this page and judge for yourself.


Our Gate systems ensure that a pedestrian is stopped at the crossing before they can enter the crossing. We can also add our Early Alert system which can either magnetically lock a pedestrian gate when a forklift approaches or set off flashing lights when a pedestrian enters the crossing.


We sell and install a complete range of "Armco" railing, single or double height and any length for those applications where larger forklifts operate or very heavy forklift traffic operate. We manufacture and sell a complete range of safety bollards in Melbourne to suit all applications.


WSS provide genuine & safe products and services for your employees to work in better and safer surroundings.


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WSS is dedicated to helping our clients with solutions which include, pedestrian gates, pedestrian rails, safety barriers, safety bollards in Melbourne, mezzanine floors, forklift barriers, overhead walkways, protect-it, protect-it maxi, speed humps, wheel stops, safety mirrors and other safety solutions to comply with Duty of Care legislation.