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Additional Safety Services | Warehouse Safety Solutions

We offer a wide range of additional services, including:

    • Line Marking
    • Pedestrian gates
    • Two-Pack Epoxy floors
    • Concrete Grinding
    • Silica Dust Management Plans
    • Safety Signage
    • Warning Systems
    • Proximity Sensors
    • Gate Automation
    • Sliding and Rolling Gates
    • Building Maintenance

Please call us on 03 9720 3675 for all inquiries.

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About Gates

WSS is dedicated to helping our clients with solutions which include, pedestrian gates, pedestrian rails, safety barriers, bollards, mezzanine floors, overhead walkways, protect-it, protect-it maxi, speed humps, wheel stops, safety mirrors and other safety solutions to comply with Duty of Care legislation.

Contact Info

Head Office: 17/18 PROSPECT PLACE, Boronia
9am - 6pm (by appointment)

Regional Office : Vic 1A Wood Rd Kyabram, 3620.