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Warehouse Safety Solutions provide steel safety barriers and rails throughout Melbourne. With a dedication to creating an outstanding level of protection and a passion for exceptional client service, you can always rely on the team of experts at Ware Safety to get the job done properly.
Work place injuries and accidents are two major factors that can negatively affect warehouse productivity and business profitability. Injuries and accidents in the work place will:

  • Interrupt warehouse productivity and efficiency
  • Incur a loss of man hours
  • Incur additional cost and expense to replace damaged equipment and building infrastructure
  • Increase worker safety insurance premiums
  • Require additional resources in the form of a gradual return to work program for the injured worker
  • Cause personal physical harm and possibly death (most important)
You want to always be in full compliance with WorkSafe standards. You also want the safety measures that you implement to be both effective and reliable. For example, WorkSafe recently outlined their concerns regarding work place injuries involving forklifts and pedestrians. While they indicate that there must be at least 3 metres between a forklift and pedestrian, there is no explicit Australian standard for the safety barriers that should be used as permanent physical barriers.

We Provide the Most Dependable Solutions

At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we offer dependable and effective safety barriers to prevent accidents between pedestrians and motored vehicles such as forklifts, electric powered pallet jacks and high stackers. We also offer a variety of warehouse safety barriers as well as mezzanine safety gates to address all of your safety barrier needs. In addition, we also offer our Early Alert System where a pedestrian gate magnetically locks when a forklift approaches or sets off flashing warning lights when someone enters the crossing area.

We also produce and offer a full range of "Armco" railing. The railing is available in various heights and lengths to accommodate any situations where larger forklifts or very heavy forklift traffic can be a problem. We also manufacture, sell and install an extensive variety of bollards to address all your warehouse safety concerns.

Our safety barriers, gates, railings and bollards can all be used to create an effective system to prevent pedestrian and moving vehicle accidents, to guard and protect expensive machinery and equipment as well as create highly visible safety zones for workers.

Our system of safety barriers will:

  • Help prevent personal injury and death
  • Help protect damage to expensive machinery and racking
  • Help prevent high replacement costs to warehouse damage (e.g. walls and floors)
  • Maintain productivity and efficiency by eliminating work place injuries and accidents
  • Add to bottom line profitability by avoiding collateral costs associated with work place accidents
Let our dedicated and experienced team at Warehouse Safety Solutions take care of all your warehouse safety barriers needs and concerns. We provide the best solutions possible because we are involved every step of the way: from design to manufacturing to installation.

Please contact us on 0397203675 to see how we can make your warehouse safer today.

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WSS is dedicated to helping our clients with solutions which include, pedestrian gates, pedestrian rails, safety barriers, bollards, mezzanine floors, overhead walkways, protect-it, protect-it maxi, speed humps, wheel stops, safety mirrors and other safety solutions to comply with Duty of Care legislation.

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