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Car Park Safety Solutions Melbourne

Warehouse Safety Solutions is an Australian company that focuses on producing safety barriers, railings and bollards in Melbourne amongst other safety equipment. We differ from the vast range of our competitors in that we are involved in every step of the design, manufacturing and installation process of our systems. In this way, we can guarantee that only the highest quality is delivered to our customers and as safety always comes first, we will never compromise on this guarantee. Car park speed humps and safety barriers Melbourne . We only employ trained craftsmen and workers in a bid to certify that our equipment is always handled and installed correctly, ensuring that all of our work adheres to strict Australian safety guidelines. Due to high customer demand, we recently added a whole new range of car park safety equipment to our range. There are many different issues to consider when it comes to car park safety; some of the main ones are speed bumps and wheel stops.

Speed Humps

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about car park safety is speed humps. These are an incredibly important feature of any safe car park as they are one of the most effective ways to control drivers’ speed. Of course, not every speed bump is created equal. Speed bumps (or humps) can be made from a range of different materials, such as rubber, plastic, steel or recycled rubber. Some of the most popular speed humps Australia wide are our rubber speed bumps. We supply them in different colours, with or without reflective stripes and they are customisable in size so they will fit any car park.

Wheel Stops

Arguably the second most important safety feature of indoor and outdoor car parks is the wheel stop. Just like our speed bumps, wheel stops come in a whole range of different materials, colours shapes and sizes. As they are important to protect cars from scraping against walls or barriers, we usually recommend installing brightly coloured stops, as they will be easily seen by drivers, even in dimly lit car parks. Concrete wheel stops are very durable and affordable and are one of our most popular options. Having said this, many customers prefer rubber wheel stops as they are often less harsh on the wheels of a car if they do happen to get in contact with the wheel stop. Our rubber version is available in all the most popular colours and we also offer an eco-friendly version that’s made from recycled rubber. If your business owns a car park and you are worried about the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike, you should contact Warehouse Safety Solutions today. Our expert customer service advisors will be happy to discuss different options with you and we will help you find the right products that match your specific requirements. Call us now on 03 9720 3675 for more information.

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WSS is dedicated to helping our clients with solutions which include, pedestrian gates, pedestrian rails, safety barriers, bollards, mezzanine floors, overhead walkways, protect-it, protect-it maxi, speed humps, wheel stops, safety mirrors and other safety solutions to comply with Duty of Care legislation.

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