Feb 2023

A Look at the Different Kinds of Safety Barriers

When it comes to warehouse safety, safety barriers are one of the practical tools out there. At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we offer a wide range of safety goods and services, such as the installation of warehouse mezzanine floors and bollards.
We’re also proud to offer a wide range of different safety barriers Sydney. Find out more about the different types of safety barriers below and find the one that’s perfect for you!


Modular Low Mount Barrier

The Modular Low Mount Barrier is a great safety tool for industrial and commercial settings where forklifts and pallet jacks are frequently used. 
This barrier is installed along the edges of walls and machinery in order to halt impacts before they result in expensive repairs. 

Custom Heavy Duty Forklift Safety Barrier

If you work in an environment that regularly uses forklifts, then the Heavy Duty Forklift Safety Barrier is the ultimate safety choice. 
With four fixings per post and heavy-duty gussets, this barrier is built to withstand impacts from forklifts and reduce the risk of injury to workers and damage to stock. 

Sneeze Guard

The Sneeze Guard is a transparent screen designed to protect employees from the spread of disease. You’re probably familiar with the use of these throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
This barrier reduces the chance of employees coming in contact with cough or sneeze droplets and minimises the spreading of illnesses.
These are suitable for any setting where there is a high risk of disease spread, such as offices and retail stores. 


Armco Railing Barrier with Handrail 

The Armco Railing Barrier is an ideal solution for areas with high forklift traffic, heavy loads and tight timeframes. This railing barrier is a great option for separating a warehouse into forklift zones and pedestrian zones, allowing a team to operate quickly while also remaining safe.
It combines an Armco rail, handrail, custom heavy-duty post and base plate for a unique strength advantage. The components are galvanised and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with the additional option to be powder-coated yellow to increase visibility. 
 All sections are custom-made to ensure they correctly fit in the intended location, and each end can be finished with a bullnose, internal corner or end protector. 


Post and Ball Galvanised Barrier

Our Ball and Post Galvanised Barrier is a cost-effective, light-duty solution for handrails and pedestrian separation. It is hot-dip galvanised for longevity and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its modular combination of the corner, mid and end posts allows for customised runs to be put together with only a few components required, and it can even be pre-assembled for convenience. 
 The posts can be powder-coated in yellow, making them more visible and providing additional safety for workers. 


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The WSS range of safety barriers is suitable for a wide range of workplaces such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, loading docks and construction sites. 
All of these barriers can be installed by professional WSS staff if desired.
If you’d like to discuss installation, or which barrier best suits your needs, get in touch with our friendly team today.