Sep 2023

The Psychology of Crowd Control and Barriers

When you think of crowd control, especially in a warehouse environment, you’d expect it to be backed by intensive planning and management rules. But what if, with the right experts and knowledge, establishing and maintaining an effective crowd management system can be simple?

This blog explores how to reduce risk in the workplace by correctly setting up warehouse barriers, while also understanding the psychology behind crowd control. Here, at Warehouse Safety Solutions, we have a range of products that will help you address warehouse safety in both a simple and effective manner.

Human Nature and Collective Behaviour

Safety barriers play a crucial role in effectively organising and facilitating employees in a warehouse. If we look at the psychological backing that goes behind these barriers, we realise that humans tend to seek direction or clarity in every aspect of life. This is no different in the workplace. 

Our safety products act as a strong visual cue, designed to be noted down as a ‘pointer’ that indicates to employees the direction they need to follow, or location they need to avoid. Through smart placement of warehouse safety barriers, gates, lights, or signage, you can facilitate group movement by placing clear cut signals, and warnings. 

Barriers and Why are They Effective

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is possible to effectively protect and direct workers through thoughtful placement of our warehouse barriers. By thoroughly anticipating and planning, you can manage any potentially harmful situations that could come your way.

From steel safety barriers to safety rails, we are experts at designing and creating a strong level of protection in the warehouse. With a passion as strong as ours, you can always rely on our experts to get the job done right.

When it comes to workplace safety, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. A non-compliant workplace would not only prove to be unsafe and reckless, but would also contribute to existing inefficiencies, unnecessary expenses, or even cause physical harm to employees.

In recent regards to the concerns outlined by WorkSafe, barriers and bollards are the immediate answer to be able to reduce accidents caused in a warehouse. While they indicate that there must be at least 3 metres between a forklift and pedestrian, there is no explicit Australian standard for the safety barriers that should be used as permanent physical barriers. Our warehouse barriers help to maintain this safe distance and reduce risk to the employee.

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At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we take pride in understanding the demands and obstacles crowd management comes with, and that’s why our warehouse barriers are the answer for your warehouse. With years of experience in the warehouse safety system industry, we fully understand the safety concerns and Australian Standards requirements. Our team can provide practical and realistic advice to assist with your specific warehouse safety needs.

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