Aug 2022

A Breakdown of The Mezzanine Floor

Do you want to revamp and transform your current office or warehouse? You’ve come to the right place! Here you can find a perfect and pocket-friendly solution to your small space’s problems. In this blog, we will discuss a new and trendy flooring solution, mezzanine floors. 
You can save on extra space between the ceiling and the floor by choosing mezzanine floors. These floors are beneficial where you need more operational areas without extending the building itself, such as businesses and offices.
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What is a Mezzanine Floor?

The word mezzanine originates from the Latin word mezzanino which means between or middle. So, the mezzanine floor is an additional floor that is placed immediately between the ground floor and ceiling. These are generally free-standing and semi-permanent structures. 

Uses of Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors are mostly used in industrial areas where they need some extra space for stocking, storing, and packing the material. These floors are made of heavy-duty, stainless steel or carbon steel. Because industries usually work with heavy machinery, these mezzanines are generally steel or concrete plated.
You can also add the mezzanine floor to your warehouse to increase the capacity without investing more money to buy extra space. The warehouse mezzanine allows you to adjust by adding more shelves, increasing racking lengths and by block stacking. 
Another use of the mezzanine floors is as a retail sale floor. If you have a retail store, the mezzanine can help you make your store more attractive and increase the shelf space for display needs. These types of floors give you the convenience of dissembling and storing when you feel you no longer need that extra space. 
Because these floors are designed to manufacture products for sale, mezzanine floors are very good to use in a workshop.  The mezzanine floor could be very helpful when the item and goods are overcrowded, and there is no space left for inventory. This is a really good solution for crowd management.  

Types of Mezzanine Floor

There are different types of mezzanine floors depending on their making and material. Every type of mezzanine floor is made for a particular use. As we mentioned above, the use of these floors may vary and the same with the case of materials. Here is a list of mezzanine floors based on the material. 
  • Steel mezzanine floors
  • Concrete mezzanine floors
  • Bar grating mezzanine floors
  • Rack-supported mezzanine floors
  • Wooden mezzanine floor

The Verdict

Mezzanine floors are the most cost-effective and efficient way to utilise your small spaces. You can add more space between the ground floor and the ceiling. Those spaces you thought were hard to reach could be useful by adding semi-permanent mezzanine floors.
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